When making application to exclusive pre-school, high school, undergraduate or post graduate programs, one of the most important documents in the application packet is you Personal Statement. Seize this opportunity to let Admission Committee members understand who you are. The experts at specialize at writing effective Personal Statements for any level of academic or professional application. Take this chance to explain how your life experiences have affected you as a person. Allowing the Admission Committee to understand why you have chosen a particular field can best be achieved with a powerful essay crafted by writers.

Pre-School Personal Statement Writing

Top tier preschools often require an essay describing your child’s potential. As the beginning to your child’s academic career, this is one essay that must be exceptional! has a team of writers that have written a number of essays all the way down to the preschool level. Our experts understand the importance of the statement for portraying your child’s personality and your family dynamic in as appealing a manner as possible. Let help your child begin his or her academic career in style!

High School Personal Statement Writing

Magnet schools and exclusive high schools often require a statement of purpose or Personal Statement as part of the application packet. can craft the perfect admission essay for your application to a prestigious high school.
Our team recognizes the importance of the written word; and can paint a picture that portrays you perfectly. Choose to help with your high school admission essay!

Undergraduate Personal Statement Writing writers understand that the undergraduate personal statement is a creative process. Admission Committee members will use your Personal Statement to determine if you are the type student they will want to maintain a diverse
student body. can help write your story creatively, allowing Admission Committee members a glance into your hopes and dreams. Many times, your Personal Statement will serve as a substitute for an interview. It is essential that you leave make a memorable impression on each member of the Admission Committee. can help you create the best Personal Statement for your college application packet.

Medical School Personal Statement Writing

Admission Committee members pour over hundreds of Personal Statements every application season. The key to the Medical School Personal Statement is to provide all the information requested and stand out among the hundreds of other statements in the pile! The experts at can help craft a memorable Medical School Personal Statement for you. Because other applicants likely have similar GPAs and MCAT scores, this is your chance to shine! Take this opportunity to make yourself stand out among the hundreds of other applicants – be remembered with a creative essay written by the experts at

Residency Personal Statement Writing

As you near the end of Medical School, you must now make application to Residency Programs. writers understand the nuances of the Residency Personal Statement. We recognize your hard work to this point, and understand the difficulty of crafting the perfect Personal Statement for Residency Programs. Our experienced writers can help you write the Personal Statement that will increase your chances of matching with your first choice!

Law School Personal Statement Writing

The Law School Personal Statement is a unique creation. The Law School Personal Statement writers at understand exactly what the Admission Committee members what to read. Providing a creative and memorable story is key to a successful Law School Personal Statement. takes care to learn your story and ghost write that story in the most creative manner possible.

MBA Personal Statement Writing

When making application to an MBA Program, it is extremely important that your Personal Statement represents you as the ideal candidate. The writing team at will research your chosen program and determine which information will serve you best in your Personal Statement. We can help present your academic, personal and professional experiences are key to making you the ideal candidate for your MBA Program of choice!

Doctoral Personal Statement

Many doctoral programs have a number of questions that must be answered in your Personal Statement. It is essential that you not rehash your academic career or professional experiences. Remember, the Admission Committee will have your transcripts and curriculum vitae in your application packet. The expert writers at can provide you an interesting, informative yet technically correct Personal Statement to complete your application packet. will provide you with the ideal introduction to the Graduate School of your choice!